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author: BISO published: 2.5.2020

BISO products are working reliably all over the world. To make sure that all the products are working well and reliably, we supply parts directly from our stock in Eggerding, Austria. If any atypical construction part is needed, we are able to help you with supplies directly from our factory to make sure that your header is always in perfect condition and running well.

BISO original spare parts are precisely designed to fit your machine. Only with original spare parts we can make sure that your header is running as expected.

You can rely on BISO original spare parts. You can always be sure that you will get maximum for the price paid. Do not chose to compromise!

Only with BISO original spare parts will you reach maximum efficiency of your header. To be sure that your harvest is without compromises, do the right choice!


Bought used machine and need help with preparing?
If you have bought your BISO product as already used, do not hesitate to contact us for spare parts, parts catalogue and a manual for you product.
We will suggest you what should be checked. Only with a properly prepared header can you get maximum from your harvest!


Which parts you should ALWAYS have with you!

Always first check information in user manual.

CropRanger header 

Part Min. quantity
Main drive belt 2
Knife head 1
Bolt for knife head  2
Knife arm 1
Knife 100
Complete Knife
(in trailer frame)
Double finger 25
Auger fingers 25
Reel tine 15
Knife of side knife 10
Belt for el. side knife  2
Bolts, nuts and so on..  

 Minimum quantity for standard season of wheat in central Europe, 300 ha


Which parts check BEFORE SEASON, if need to be changed?

Always first check information in user manual.

CropRanger header - make sure, that you check following parts: 

Gearbox - smooth movement, no overheating
Knife head - check for damage
Knife - sharp knifes for perfect cutting
Double fingers - needs to be in line and sharp 
All pullies - if not wore out
All belts - check for damage, right setting
All chains - if oiled, check for damage
All tooth-wheels - check for damage
Main shaft - check for damage
Auger shaft - check for damage
Hyd. couplers - if functioning properly
Crop lifters - check if right amount, check for damage
Hydraulic cylinders - check for leakage
Auger fingers - check if all mounted, check for damage
Reel plastic covers - check if clean to prevent damage from stuffed material
Reel plastic and metal parts - check for damage
Side knifes - check belt, liners, knifes


Need spare parts?

Contact us!

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mobile: +43 7767 217
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email: sales@


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