First impressions of the BISO VX CROPRANGER VX850 TLL in combination with the New Holland CX 8.80 combine harvester

First impressions of the BISO VX CROPRANGER VX850 TLL in combination with the New Holland CX 8.80 combine harvester
author: BISO published: 26.1.2022

Now, all our combine harvesters are parked under the roof. And why not remember the sunny days of last summer, when we worked hard? What were our first impressions of the new combine with the new 8.5-meter BISO VX CropRanger TrendLine Light? 

Author of the article: Jakub Tutsch, ZD Vendolí

Photo author: Michal Doskočil

 July is coming – we are soon joining the fight for grain"!

We are ready and we are going for it! The New Holland CX combine harvester and header were on farm. ZD Vendolí´s manager Miroslav Rozlívka chose the proven BISO harvesting technology. This is the third BISO header we have purchased. Miroslav Rozlívka is the main technician and manager of agricultural services offered by Zemědělské družstvo Vendolí. One of them is the harvest of cereals, oilseeds, etc. We knew that as soon as the barley in South Moravia matured, we would go there. And there was not much time left for barley to ripen. We made the final details on our new New Holland CX 8.80 Elevation and looked forward to the first hectares harvested with the BISO VX CROPRANGER VX850 TLL.


Before we could leave to harvest, we had to complete the training for combine harvester operators. All our combine harvesters had to complete this training. The supervisor was experienced by Ing. Václav Koryčanský, a specialist in New Holland harvesting technology. We didn't have to go far, because we bought our new "Bobík" from AGROTEC a.s. – Svitavy branch office. We seemed to have everything, but the opposite was true! We were also visited by a service technician from BISO SCHRATTENECKER, Mr. Jiří Jun, who made the final adjustment and calibration of the adapter with the combine harvester.

Refuel, turn on the beacons and go out

At the beginning of July, we moved to South Moravia when the other harvesters were still standing. The rain was avoiding us, so we didn't expect anything. We sat in our yellow machines and went out into the field. Winter barley was ripe, so we went to harvest the first hectares. 


The first hectares harvested nicely, which surprised us! Our yellow "Bobík" – New Holland CX 8.80 with a production year of 2021 has one major difference compared to its predecessors. The difference is the new Ultra-FlowTM threshing drum. Ultra-FlowTM is heavier thanks to a special cast iron disc and works better as a flywheel. The main difference is the newly used divided hammers in the threshing drum. These are screwed on the threshing drum alternately, which results in smoother material removal and much lower vibrations and quieter operation. When we started harvesting canola, we expected the construction of the threshing drum to show. We didn't clog the machine even in the thick canola. And as you know, it's easy when harvesting canola.

Choosing the third New Holland CX, which ZD Vendolí owns, was a good choice. And just as great a choice was the BISO VX CROPRANGER VX850 TLL with dimensions of 8.5 meters. The ideal size for a 6-shaker threshing system.

Miroslav Rozlívka also chose the original BISO Profi Trailer for the BISO VX CROPRANGER VX850 TLL header. Thanks to the two axles, the ride is smooth and the handling is comfortable.  We highly praised its driving characteristics. Compared to trailers from other manufacturers, it copied the vehicle and the road surface better. Because the BISO Profi Trailer copied the road surface really great, damage during transport was reduced to a minimum and the safety and speed of the transport itself increased.


The BISO VX CROPRANGER header also worked well in the growth that lay on the ground. With the hydraulic adjustment of the BISO header inclination, we picked up and harvested everything. We must once again praise Miroslav Rozlívka for a great choice – this BISO header is very suitable for our conditions. Many of you would say that we could have a bigger header, which BISO also offers. But the working width of 8.5 meters was really sufficient! For example, in a company in South Moravia, where we harvested around 600 hectares, they have fields with an irrigation system. And it's located nearby a big city. (There were a lot of rings, power poles, or other obstacles in the fields). A larger header would make our work uncomfortable and we wouldn't achieve the required work efficiency.

Every new combine with a new adapter is reliable. But maintenance is also important on new machines, so we did maintenance periodically. Do you want to know if we had any technical problems? We had no major technical problems. We only had the little ones.


The only fault was a defective piece of hydraulic switchboard on our BISO VX CROPRANGER VX850 TLL harvest header. Its defect turned out after only a few harvested hectares. No one is responsible for this fault. It was a small leak in one hydraulic circuit, which caused the hydraulic switchboard to leak slightly. A service technician, Mr. Jiří Jun from BISO SCHRATTENECKER, immediately came to help us. He knew immediately where the problem was and repaired the faulty part. Everything was covered by the guarantee. We didn't have any more problems.

The operator of the New Holland combine harvester and BISO header had a great worth for the correct operation. The combine harvester was operated by two people. An older and more experienced man passed on experience and skills to the younger one.


When the harvest of 2021 was over, we did complete maintenance. We parked the harvesting equipment in the garage. Now the machines are ready for the next season.

Harvesters from ZD Vendolí harvested over 2,000 hectares last season. Vendolí Agricultural Cooperative manages almost 1,000 hectares. Large agricultural area, don´t you agree? But 3 combine harvesters with BISO headers with a width of 8.5 meters can do it perfectly. We are all looking forward to this year's harvest.



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