author: BISO published: 11.9.2020

We have been testing the 3D VARIOFLEX AIR i on our combines since 2017, but this year we hang the unit from the serial production in 2020 up on our CR9090 SmartTrax. The model 3D VARIOFLEX 1070 AIR i in full spec. The unit has the last actual specification including the Schumacher knife setup and last version of control software.  

The New Holland CR9090 SmartTrax during the harvest of wheat in Slovakia with the BISO 3D VARIOFLEX 1070 AIR i header.

The units produced this year including our unit have already been running the Reel Anti Collision System. This system takes care of the reel and its spring still fingers. If the driver goes with the reel in the risky knife area too low, the automatic system will stop the reel fingers 100mm above the knife.

In the RIGID (0%FLEX) mode the header works like a standard vario header. Without any restrictions.   

In a wheat with a lot of green material in the same area of the harvested field the BISO header´s drivers adjust the vario table position more times during every drive.

This season we are driving the actual unit from the 2020 production of the BISO 3D VARIOFLEX 1070 AIR i with the BISO ProfiSteer trailer.  The header is in full specification. It means that it includes the air suspension, all intelligent functions and the latest version of the software in the tablet. Different from the unit from last year is the “Schumacher kit”. Based on a request from the market and the experience from soya harvest all the 2020 units have the BISO knife gearbox, knife lever and special BISO conversion knife head for the Schumacher knife and double fingers. This is the reason why you can only see this variant in the pictures. We expect to see the biggest improvements during the harvest of soya and in rocky areas (fields with stones).

Automatic software update

The potential of this technology is really great. We are still learning and improving the driver comfort, safety of the system and the performance of course. The customer together with the 3D buys not only the header, but also the software updates for a whole lifetime of the header.

Our header has the last version of the BISO Reel Anti Collision System. It works fully in an automatic mode and we are very satisfied with it. The actual situation is that the driver doesn´t take care of the reel, whether it touches the knife or not. It is very comfortable and thanks to the reel fingers from spring steel it is a very important feature of the knife´s lifetime.

The BISO 3D VARIOFLEX AIR i has a “standard” setup, which means a reel with powerful fingers from spring steel, a high capacity auger, a vario table and of course – the FLEX module.        


The side knives have hydraulic drives and are “fully integrated”. They can be put in active position including the situation when the divider is fitted on the header.        


It is very easy to adjust the header angle on the tablet. In the picture we can see the standard setup with the vario table 150mm front and the flex module in rigid (0%flex) mode.   


The header is equipped with a big splash guard (black plastic collar) which minimizes the losses of grain that is shot out of the header and directs it back in the auger area.

All the header control is done by tablet. Tablet communicates with the header through WiFi, so there is no cable connection between the cab and the header.


Combines like the CR9090 SmartTrax make a perfect job with the 3D VARIOFLEX 1070 AIR i. In standard crops, the header with the auger (drive from both sides and console in the middle) are perfectly able to feed the powerful combine.      


The driver can move with the vario table all the time during the drive based on the actual conditions. With such a header set up you have more driving strategies available all the time. You can move the vario table more forward or push it back and let the wheat “fall down” directly in the auger area. The target is a fluent crop flow.. As much as possible. As in the picture.       


You can easily see what is the position of the vario table (on this picture it is about 150mm front (max. is 800mm) on the plastic covers from outside.     


3D looks perfect during wheat harvest.           

You can be very aggressive with the reel. You can move the reel completely to the front and put it down to pick up the crops. Or you can go completely back and down to feed the crop fluently on the vario table into the auger. The automatic protection function “watching what the driver is doing” all the time. In case of a possible contact of the reel fingers with the floor or the knife, the reel is automatically lift up.         


In such a case you have a feeling as if it is a standard header.            


The stain steel auger is strong and has a longer lifetime. The capacity of the auger was tested on much bigger headers. All is about the correct set up.


 The standard field with a standard result. No reason to go down. This picture was taken in an area with stones …       


… stones in combination with green grass. In standard conditions, you do not recognize the difference between BISO and Schumacher double fingers and knives.         


In such conditions, the correct setup of the auger and of all the parts around it is very important. The rigid (0%flex) mode is activated because the cutting height is not the key issue.   


But this field is another story. Such result can be achieved without a problem if you activate the FLEX mode.     


In the area with no stones, it is not a problem to activate the flex mode and pick up 100% of your crop. In such a case the farmer will get the investment in the flex technology back quickly.


And what is very important, the 3D from BISO is able to work like this on wet soil which sticks to the bottom of the header. Regarding the picture, our technology has no limits. We can adjust the system to 2 kg ground pressure and the header angle is not in an “aggressive setup”.         


In the FLEX mode the system uses the air suspension of the knife bar parallelograms and all intelligent functions – the patented pressure sensor skids in knife bar.              


The target is to go very quickly from rigid mode (0%FLEX) to 100%FLEX mode based on the situation in front of the combine during the harvest of flat crops, of wheat and barley with high yields.


The combine´s performance is not limited. In case of such a flagship the real limit is usually the header.              


It’s not easy to feed with a 10.7m long header on a combine like NH CR9090 SmartTrax. Normally, we run the BISO Ultralight 1230 header on this combine.


You can see what we mean on the combine showed here. The engine load was only 69% and speed 7.1km/h. Looses perfect. The modern TOP models of high performance combines need perfect feeding.             


Such unit can hit a performance of 100ha/day without any problem. The change of the crop is no problem with BISO 3D.               


The header pick-up procedure. OI the picture we have the 3D VARIOFLEX AIR i on the BISO ProfiSteer trailer. The procedure is completely standard.


The drive is from both sides, therefore we have to connect the cardan shafts on both sides. In the picture you can see a standard setup for New Holland and Case-IH combines.   


This ProfiSteer trailer has four supports.         


The 3D VARIOFLEX AIR I has 4 copy shoes for standard copy system. We use this system in the RIGID (0%FLEX) mode. In the 100% FLEX mode these shoes are automatically retracted and the whole copy system is managed by pressure skids in the knife bar.        


All header functions are controlled by tablet.    


… ready to drive.             


New Holland CR9090 SmartTrax with the BISO VARIOFLEX 1070 AIR i.  


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