author: BISO published: 11.9.2020

We say that combines are statistically “in action” 22 days per year (during cereals harvest).  On some big farms, it can be only about 10-12 days only in their own territory. Days full of stress and pressure. With such a high performance, however, combines might have some technical problems … possibly even serious problems. For example, many small parts can stop the machine. So, let’s look at our top model in details.

The BISO 3D reel has many parts interesting in details. Look at the “tube” bearing in the side disc with a reinforcement plate.   

The reel fingers angle adjustment system. On 3D only with electric motor. Drivers prefer it in flat crops. You can adjust the fingers angle very easily when you need to pick up the crop from the ground and lift it above the knife.  No manual option.

The reel tube is not closed standardly, but with an open profile. On the CropRanger headers, we use plastic protection against crop wrapping. The technical solution showed in the picture has been used since 2015 and the “anti-wrapping function” is integrated in the tube profile. We only use fingers made from spring steel with one screw fitting – very easy with a possibility of a quick exchange.

On SVF1070 and SVF1230 we have one single-piece reel. The internal reel stars have high quality plastic parts. The reel has pretension kinematics and some unique solutions as a result of many years of experience. BISO has used the first set up of this kind on the Ultralight header in 2015. On 3D, the reel is finalized in its details.


Typical features of our headers are the fully integrated side knives with a possibility to use them with dividers fitted on the header. In the picture, the side knives are in “parking” position.


A yellow protecting and safety cover is fitted on the side knife. You can easily remove it and fit it in the holders on the back of the header frame (as on the CropRanger and Ultralight headers).   

In this picture you can see the design of a completely new splash guard. It’s important for sunflower harvest but not only. If we put the side knives in vertical working position, we create a corridor where the grain can’t escape. We have no free space in the sidewalls behind the side knives and we have a very precise splash guard to get all grains back in the header and combine feeder house.  


We have LED working lights on the header which you can switch ON/OFF on the tablet.  


The angle adjustment is typical for our headers. In the picture you can see two hydraulic rams. This function is more important than before because it is in all modes (100% FLEX, 50%FLEX and RIGIT- 0%FLEX). You are able to influence many things with the change of the header angle.    


You can easily see the actual position of the angle adjustment from the combine cab as you can see in the picture. You can adjust the angle during the drive by touching the button on the tablet screen.       


The spring spirals are perfectly hidden in the reel tube. Also very important is the fact that you can exchange separately every single reel tube section. If you go back to the auger with the reel and the vario, you can adjust the finger angle easily and adjust the material flow into the combine perfectly.     


The reel angle potentiometer in detail. The 3D is the first header on the market with the automatic BISO reel anti-collision system.   


The reel console and its connection to the frame. The angle potentiometer (movement up/down) already mentioned and hydraulic houses for moving the reel front/back.        


Our customers need a powerful reel with fingers made of spring steel to get crops home. You can go with the reel in front and underneath the knife, or at the back as you can see on the picture.       


Behind the side knife hydraulic motor, you can see the leverage of the reel´s horizontal position potentiometer. You can move with the reel forward and backward as you need and the automatic is “watching” what you are doing all the time. In case of collision with the knife or the floor it will stop the movement.


You can be very “aggressive” with the reel or, as in the picture, only make the stalks of the crop steady during the cutting by the knife. It is important to touch the crop gently (in relation to combine speed) otherwise the losses can rise up.   


All side knives on the 3D headers have hydraulic drive. You can switch the drive ON/OFF when you need by touching a button on the screen of the tablet in the cab. Including parking position. In case of problem you can take a tablet, go out of the combine and thanks to wireless connection through Wi-Fi you can walk around the header and make an observation and diagnostics.           


Typical for BISO – the side knives´ plastic slides are fixed in two points for better stability and performance.             


On the left side is the electric motor for reel fingers angle adjustment (under the back cover) and the hydraulic motor for reel drive is on the right side.


The hydraulic motor of the reel is integrated in the tube of the reel without any risk of blockage by the harvested material. In the picture you can see the plastic chain which manages the hydraulic houses in the correct way.             


Thanks to the BISO reel anti-collision system we use a special dual hydraulic ram. The upper piston rod is controlled by the driver, the lover by AUTO mode.


The stainless auger with central control perform incredibly. It’s very easy to adjust the auger height and the kinematics of the fingers. The drive comes from both sides. So the SVF1070 has two augers, 5.35m only (with a safety friction disc clutch on the auger shaft on both sides). Thanks to the company technology the auger is perfectly balanced.  


In the picture you can see how the side wall moves with the vario table. You have impressive 800 mm.     


In this picture, you can see the side knife in vertical (working) position. The plates behind the side knives build “the corridor” which fluently manages the crop flow without any losses in front of the auger.       


Exchanging the broken auger finger including the damaged plastic bearing is very easy. BISO uses a plastic bearing which is possible to open and exchange without shaft disassembling (two parts bearing). The auger is very powerful and has a longer lifetime in comparison with other solutions.  


The screw for the auger height adjustment is under the hydraulic ram. You can adjust the auger very quickly in case you are changing the crop or the conditions are dramatically changing. 


The working LED lights for work during the night.


On the right side, you can see the red mechanical reel safety limiter, which blocks the hydraulic rams of the raised reel during service.   


The driver has a perfect overview than with a standard header.


And the same on the right side.     


If you run in the RIGID (0%FLEX) mode, you don´t recognize the difference from the standard BISO vario header (2D category).          


During the drive you can move the vario table. In hard conditions the drivers work with the vario table systematically as the crop structure changes in front of the combine.        


In this picture, you can see the vario table in the front position. This is not only for rapeseed harvest. Many drivers of BISO headers use this strategy for high crops or for areas with stones. You can see and hear what goes into the combine better. On the plastic covers, you can see very well from outside “where” the vario table is.       


Wheat, the vario movement +160mm front, speed 7km/hour. The reel is only slightly supporting the crop above the knife. The flow of the material into the combine must be smooth.    


And the already mentioned movement of the plastic side covers on which you can see immediately where the vario table is. The driver has the precise value on the screen of the tablet.


And the whole kit in action.   


The BISO reel auto collision system in AUTO mode – a big step forward for drivers. It protects the reel fingers from damage and also the knifes and knife drive line of course.             

The potential of the vario table on the 3D headers is impressive. In combination with the auger, it gives you a great performance under all conditions.       


In this picture, you can see the vario table (floor) from backwards. The floor is from stainless steel (typical for BISO) but different than on 2D thanks to the FLEX module in the front.


The dividers are fully adjustable. The wheat on the picture is as small as barley, but in case of really high wheat or rye with green material you can activate the side knives for some seconds from time to time if it is needed. The side knives can be positioned in parking position as in the picture. You only have to remove the protecting yellow cover.               


In the RIGID (0%FLEX) mode, the arm with the knife gearbox is in upper position and we can see it under the plastic covers as it is showed in the picture.


The AIR i means that the header has air suspension of the knife bar and all intelligent functions with the knife bar ground pressure sensing.    


The vario table floor has a completely new design, as was already mentioned. The use of the rollers is significantly different. So it´s easier to move with the vario table and we have much better possibility to adjust the vario table.       


The adjustable rollers are new features on the BISO headers.  


Not only the vario table range is impressive on this header. The knife can be moved 980mm in front of the auger BUT, and this is very important, it can be retracted back on only 180mm from the auger. And this is a benchmark for the header industry and more than important for small green barley and other such complicated crops.

It took some years but it’s here. The best vario on the market with the FLEX module integrated, with a knife bar with air suspension and intelligent ground pressure sensing in a cutter bar area. Such a technology you can only buy from BISO.      


The floor is from hardox plates. In the picture you can see a clean design of the vario table with rollers.    


The knife bar is hooked on the parallelograms on every 900mm. The stroke of the system (FLEX module) is 170mm and thanks to parallelograms the angle of the knife (double fingers) is all the time the same 10 degrees.        


The red ones are the hardox plates, the black one is the copy shoe which is used in RIGED (0% FLEX) mode. On SVF1070 we have 4 of them. In the picture is the header already in “parking (trailer) mode”, this means that it is ready to leave the trailer, so the black copy shoe is automatically retracted.   


The FLEX module and parallelograms are fully integrated into the vario floor. On the left you can see the robust right arm of the flex module, which is handling the knife gearbox.             


The same arm on the other side with a protecting shoe for the knife head and a special holder for the divider with a fast locking system. In FLEX mode this component actively moves on air bellows.              


In this picture you can perfectly see how the parallelograms are integrated in the floor. The copy shoes are down.             


This standard copy shoe is used only in RIGID (0%FLEX) mode. If you switch to FLEX mode, all 4 copy shoes are automatically retracted. 


In this picture you can see the vario table in the back position and the copy shoe (internal right) in the down position.      


The right external copy shoe in the down (working) position.       


And the front view on the same copy shoe.              


In this picture you can see that the left internal copy shoe is retracted (up). This means that the header is in 100% FLEX mode or in PARKING (trailer) mode. In the left yellow plastic knife bar skids a pressure sensor is integrated - the key component of the BISO FLEX module.        


The knife bar with activated FLEX module. In 100% FLEX mode the knife bar “goes down”. The plates behind the knife bar are from high quality spring steel.


All the 3D VARIOFLEX AIR i produced in 2020 will be equipped with a Schumacher set up. This means with Schumacher knives, double fingers and with a specially conversed BISO knife head.       


It is typical for the Schumacher system that one knife element is in standard position and the other one is turned.     


The Schumacher knife will be better in areas with stones and with the aggressive use of the FLEX module. For customers who prefer the high quality original BISO double fingers, it will be possible to fit the BISO setup without any problem.      


In the knife head area we have 3 special double fingers with reinforcement as you can see in the picture.  


The special 3 double fingers (black ones) make space for the special BISO knife head for the Schumacher knife.     


Another photo of the 3 special Schumacher double fingers with conventional BISO head for the Schumacher knife. The knife liver and knife gearbox is standard at BISO.  


The flexible knife bar of the FLEX module with the Schumacher set up. In this picture we can see very well how the reel works.


Another look at the three black special double fingers. Schumacher normally uses two special double fingers with an open (missing) upper part in the head area. Our solution is more robust and stable.    


The reel fingers are from spring steel. So it can damage the knifes´ elements in case of interference between the reel fingers and the knife of the FLEX module. In this case the BISO reel anti-collision system works very well in fully automatic mode.              

… see more in PART2 soon.


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