Corn harvest with BISO CornPower

Corn - autumn 2016, Czech republic

Corn harvest with BISO CornPower
author: BISO published: 21.4.2020

As part of the services our company offers to farmers, there is also the harvest of corn for grain. You could see the New Holland CX8080 SL combine equipped with an eight-row BISO CornPower corn adapter, for example, in the fields near Tišnov in the Brno region.

BISO CornPower corn adapters are manufactured in 5, 6 and 8 row versions with a row spacing of 70 cm. Each section is driven by a central shaft with an overload clutch. If a foreign object enters between the chains, the clutch slips, thus preventing the destruction of the drive of the individual section. The standard comes with a stem crusher located under the feed chains and rollers. From the cab, the driver can then change the gap between the breaking plates during work to avoid unnecessary losses by falling corn cobs.

In addition to the corn harvest, one farm also harvested sunflowers with a modified corn adapter. Its modification consisted in the disassembly of one break-off cylinder, the retraction chain and the assembly of a rotary knife with a counterblade. Thanks to this treatment, it is possible to harvest sunflower in the same way as with a sunflower adapter.


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